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Luigi MarengoLuigi Marengo was born on February 3rd, 1928 in Gallarate, located in the province of Varese in the North of Italy. Still a resident of his hometown, Marengo works from his studio located on the beautiful, Via Felice Cavallotti 6.

In 1950, he launched the innovative painting style he described as, informal sign painting which he would later title “Instinctivism of the Sign”. For this, Marengo would go on to receive a gold medal from the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament.

Marengo has participated in numerous national exhibitions throughout Italy. In 1966, his work won an award at the National Exhibition in Gallarate, and was given permanent display status at the Civic Gallery of Modern Art of Gallarate. That same year, he was invited to participate in the “Young Milanese Painting Exhibition”.

In 1972, he was again invited to the National Exhibition in Gallarate, who that year were exhibiting experimental art.

In 1981, he was a participant in the “Exhibition of Italian Art of the 20th Century”, which was held at Villa Mirabello in the Civic Museum of Varese.

In 1985, The Paris Grand Palais invited Marengo to participate in the “International Exhibition of Sign and Scripture”.

Since 1970, Marengo has been a member of the Association of Professional Painters of the Province of Varese. He cooperates actively with the Gallery of Modern Art of Gallarate, acting as a key organiser for the National Prize Exhibition.

He has taught at the Art Restoration Academy “Aldo Galli” in Como. He also contributed to the book “COLORE”, which was edited by the Art Restoration Academy.

Luigi Marengo’s most recent exhibitions:

1989 Premio Albavilla dedicated to “Mario Radice”.

1995 National Exhibition “Mozart Variazioni” held at the Paper Museum in Fabriano, Italy.

2002 Biennale di Venezia C.R.A.P.F. Architecture.

2004 MERCART Lugano.

2004 XXII Premio Nazionale città di Gallarate: “Ceramic Round Forms for a Museum” Z.A.T.

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